My spiritual journey began in 2012 with the sudden loss of my son, Andrew. After his passing, I was desperately searching for answers through various mediums. When all modern medical outlets were explored, I turned to every spiritual practitioner I could find for any thread of news or communication from him. 

Taking care of yourself will take care of more than yourself. – Grace Sara

A mentor had suggested I try Reiki as a form of healing and moving forward (not necessarily “getting over it”) from the loss. I loved it, partly because it meant my mind would be quiet, and I got to take a nap—a very meditative one. After many Reiki sessions, I learned that everyone has the ability to practice Reiki, even a heavy left-brainer like myself. I started taking classes, and with every lesson, it became clear that this is what I should be doing.

Healing yourself is connected with healing others. – Yoko Ono

Over time, having witnessed and experienced the benefits of Reiki, I continued to train through The International Center for Reiki Training, up to Master and Karuna Reiki®️️, both using Holy Fire®️️ energy. Somewhere on this journey, my original intent shifted. That is, in the search for my son, Reiki’s gentle guidance helped me find myself.
I began practicing Reiki in 2016 and have gotten into the habit of sending it to just about everything, from road trips to family dinners. Reiki is more than healing trauma, pain, or stress—it is part of my daily life.

Thanh Nguyen, Karuna Reiki®️️ Master


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Thanh Nguyen, Karuna Reiki Master, mentor and teacher and spiritual guidance with Holy Fire